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Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, corporate event, birthday, or any social occasion, there is love on your part as well as mine. See, it’s really important be in touch with this love you have for each other, family, friends,  associates,  & guests. You can feel it when someone shows you love and loves what they do. You can almost even taste it in a great meal. It adds a whole ‘nother dimension to your experience with that person/vendor.

I’m all about tapping into this love and making your celebration an EXPERIENCE. My focus is on your celebration of love, and not my own ego. I’m there to share. My goal is to create a fun celebration filled with love, and make the focus be on you and your guests, not JUST the music mix everyone enjoys. My passion is to experience this with you and do everything possible to make this happen.

Let me have the honor of making your next event a memorable experience with yes, love.

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