General Topics Hosting an Event as a DJ

Hosting The Party

This is the HOSPITALITY business. A better DJ in Miami like DJ AJ Falcon really CARES about you and your guests feeling welcome at your event, and this caring vibe is palpable in our interactions with you and your guests. Genuine love for people and for creating shared, beautiful experiences through music, hospitality, and even…

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Volume Levels for Weddings and Events

Although it’s seldom discussed, volume levels are important for your event, and are usually considered according to the part of your event, timeline, number of guests, acoustic considerations, neighboring events or actual neighbors, guest demographics (particularly ages), and more.   Often volume is subjective and based on your DJ’s experience and sensitivity to pleasing you…

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How Do I Select the Right Music for My Wedding or Event?

Like ingredients to a great meal, selecting the MUSIC that you and your guests would like to hear is of paramount importance to creating/curating the right playlist. Think of DJ AJ Falcon as the chef cooking up a tasty music program using your ingredients (and maybe adding the Secret Sauce lol). Yes, YOUR tastes are definitely…

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