Celebrate Your Love with Family and Friends! That’s what your Wedding reception is all about! We will be thorough when we plan your Wedding including a Timeline, Formalities Planner Guest Demographics Profile, and Music Playlist/Requests. There are different segments of a wedding reception, and the music & volume levels should be appropriate. Let’s talk about these:

Wedding Ceremony
We often are asked to provide a separate sound system to play music and provide microphones for the most important part, your wedding ceremony. A mic will be provided to your officiant, (person performing your wedding ceremony). Possibly a musician or singer, and optional for you to exchange vows. Ceremony Segments often include:
  • Prelude: This is usually 30 Min before your scheduled ceremony start time. We will play romantic music you have selected to set the mood for your ceremony as guests arrive and are seated.
  • Seating of the Parents: A separate song is sometimes played for this.
  • Bridal Party is Seated: Usually, a song is played for the seating of your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen.
  • Processional: This is the song played as the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Sand Pouring / Candle Lighting: A pre-selected song is sometimes played.
  • Recessional: Song that's played when officiant pronounces you husband and wife.
It would be a pleasure to provide this service for you if needed just let us know.
Cocktail Hour
This part of your wedding often takes place in a separate location from your main reception. A separate sound system is usually provided. The music here is usually played at a volume level that doesn’t overpower normal conversation levels. The music we play here can be anything you like, but not usually too crazy (We’ll save that for later for the Dancing Part!!) Genres can be anything you like that reflects your tastes, but also will be enjoyed by MOST of your guests. We will play whatever you like and request, but some common genres requested are Contemporary Top 40 Pop/Soft Rock/R&B, Lounge/Ambient, Big Band (Buble’, Sinatra, etc.), Smooth Jazz, Reggae/Island & “Keys Music” (like Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, etc), you name it! We will play your Cocktail Hour Playlist/Requests and/or make recommendations.
Guest's Entrance
Usually it takes 10-20 minutes for your guests to enter the reception room and find their tables. We can help you create the right mood for your guests entrance!
Bridal Party Introductions
We line up your Bridal Party, review name pronunciations, and instruct them where to stand. What song(s) would you like playing in the background while your Bridal Party enters? Usually we play an upbeat dance tune but can play whatever you wish.
Bride & Groom Entrance
We will confirm your First Dance song, Parent's Dances songs (if applicable including possibly editing to shorten these songs if you like). This Entrance Song can be the same song as above but more often than not is a different upbeat fun song edited to the “hook” or chorus since this entrance is usually only 30 seconds to a minute in length.
First DancE
A song that you and your fiancée have chosen that has very special meaning to you. This is usually a ballad. Bridal Party and guests may join in midway into the song if you wish, and we can also edit the song to not play in its entirety as longer songs can sometimes “drag” if you and your fiancée are out on the dance floor alone too long. We can talk about this.
Parent's Or Relatives Dance(S).
Usually Bride and Dad and sometimes Step Dad or other relative. Then Groom and Mom, Step Mom or other relative. These dances are sometimes played AFTER Dinner. Also usually edited to a couple of minutes.
Dinner Music
We like to play songs here that reflect your tastes and will be enjoyed by the majority of your guests. These can be similar genres to your Cocktail Hour (if you had one) or different. We recommend songs/genres that are appropriate to your wedding in their lyrics and message. Volume here should also be such that it doesn’t interfere with normal conversation and appropriate to dining.
Transition to Dance Music
This is usually a process. We try not to let dinner music drag on too long, and start building the energy musically towards the tail end of dinner with songs from your playlist that have a little more energy and usually a noticeably different genre than the dinner music to build up the dance energy for a “Party Starter” song. We can recommend one based on you and your guests tastes, or you can pick one you know will get ‘em goin!
Party Time!!!
This is the Musical Main Course! These are your favorite party songs that your guests will enjoy as well. There’s a way to play these songs in such an order as to build energy and fun while pleasing your guests. Again, we strive for “Maximum Effect” creating the energy and keeping track of the pulse of your party, constantly reading your crowd, being “in the moment”, and reading the crowd making the best possible music choices based on prioritizing your favorites, guest requests, guest response, and DJ choices of similar songs that maybe weren’t requested but go well with not play any DO NOT PLAY Songs/Genres on your list. Knowing when to “switch it up” and change genres is also an important aspect of being a good DJ. Most DJs just keep pounding the crowd musically without being sensitive as to when it’s time to change the energy by switching genres or tempo. We play songs for the right length of time usually around 3 minutes or so not letting them drag or cutting them off too soon. We are different!
Happy Ending!
Lol but seriously… We will build the musical excitement to a crescendo to end your special day and play the music to build the excitement to this point. We find the best way to lead into your last dance song. We are willing and able to stay longer past our contracted time (at an additional charge, for time up to 15 minutes overtime) if you’ve made the necessary arrangements with the venue, and/or if they give some leeway as far as the end time goes. It’s helpful to know their policy regarding any volume or noise ordinance considerations, and for extending your party past the agreed upon time in advance. Maybe even think of some encore songs if your guests want more past your pre-selected last dance, or we can pick one based on you and your guest’s tastes. Ending your event on a high note is SOOO IMPORTANT!!! We want you to have an unforgettable, happy event with memories to last a lifetime!!!